Month: February 2022

Savvy SMB Leader’s ERP Buyers Guide

Modern business management solutions—rooted in cloud technology—help to fill the gaps and connect your data across all lines of business in your organization. From financials to sales, services to projects, and even across warehousing, supply chain, and manufacturing, a modern solution can enable real-time data access, visibility, and insights across your entire business.

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Driving digital transformation change with Microsoft Dynamics 365 1

Driving digital transformation change with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is empowering businesses worldwide to thrive in this extreme, evolving business environment by moving operations, processes, and data connections out of silos and into the cloud.

But to maximize success, you need to consider the “people” factor. A change management plan needs executive sponsorship and clear guidance, so employees understand the impact and benefits.

Digital transformation can help you achieve business outcomes faster, engage with employees as an essential part of the team, and accelerate a culture where digital innovation comes first.

Realizing results with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Don’t get stuck on old business models that divided your organization, siloed information, and slowed every process. See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure can connect business management across finance, sales, service, supply chain, analytics, and more.

Your business survived the pandemic—now what? 2

Your business survived the pandemic—now what?

Businesses are taking stock of lessons the global pandemic taught. Basic operations have changed and aren’t going to go back to the way they were anytime soon. However, there are opportunities for businesses to flourish if they take certain steps.

Resizing operations, refocusing products, reducing risks, and reanalyzing capital are key areas of focus to help businesses take steps forward as the pandemic loses strength. Companies that best prepare themselves to adapt to change should come out stronger.

Learn about the 4 ‘R’s that are helping businesses succeed despite global disruption.

CTTI transforms the Generalitat de Catalunya with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Center for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CTTI) delivers computer and telecommunications services for the Generalitat de Catalunya. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, they’ve developed a holistic view that helps identify customer needs and puts the customer at the center of the organization. Requests are tracked through to resolution and evaluation—delivering personalized, omnichannel experiences resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Proactively prepare for and readily respond to disruption

The ambiguity of the global pandemic poses a challenge in planning for the future. Don’t let chaos rule. ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you prepare for disruption and be ready to flex so you can continue to grow your business as the landscape changes.

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How SMEs can cure their fear of digital transformation 3

How SMEs can cure their fear of digital transformation

Digital transformation may seem daunting, but only if you believe the myths and unfounded fears.

The right mindset is key. Set clear business goals and consider any costs to be an investment. It’s also an opportunity to build or cultivate in-house tech expertise.

Learn the stories and lessons from companies that already have begun their digital transformation.

Embracing digitalization

Don’t get stuck on outdated platforms and legacy software that do not adapt as your business changes and grows. Are you agile across the five dimensions of digital transformation?

Explore guidance for each area in this infographic as you embark on enterprise resource planning (ERP)—adopting a culture of change is a great first step.