Are You Looking to Automate Your Business?

Whether you need to automate the employee onboarding process or use SMS to check visitors in to your facility we can help.

Microsoft 365 Consulting

Are you spending time setting up new users pc’s? Let’s talk about how we can automate the process.

Powerful Workflows

Is your staff burdened with boring, repetitive work? It’s possible we can automate it for you.

PowerApps Proof of Concept

Get a PowerApps POC around a single business process

During a two-day site visit, I will review your targeted process and demonstrate PowerApps to your team. At the end of Day 2, I will deliver a conceptual version of the app.

Migrate Files to Microsoft 365

When moving files stored on your local network or in Dropbox to Microsoft 365 many things can go wrong resulting in lost productivity and employee frustration. The pre-migration assessment identifies potential problems and details a plan to remediate those issues before you move to Microsoft 365.

InfoPath Replacement

Is your staff burdened with boring, repetitive work? It’s possible we can automate it for you.

Do you have any forms built with InfoPath? Microsoft is no longer adding new features to this product since it is slated for retirement in the future. All development efforts are going towards PowerApps.

If you are interested in migrating to PowerApps we can help. The first step is to determine what InfoPath forms you have and how to efficiently move them to PowerApps. We offer a migration assessment that provides:

  • All forms and their functionality documented
  • How PowerApps can replace and enhance the current user experience
  • A fixed fee proposal for moving to PowerApps.

The above will be delivered in a report format and be delivered via a live remote session.

SharePoint Online Consultation Service for Administrators

Are You Ready?

Do you know the level of effort it is going to take to upgrade your current environment to SharePoint Online? TMR Technology is here to ensure the upgrade goes as smoothly as possible. Utilize our expertise to ensure you have a detailed plan in place for the upgrade. TMR Technology will assist you with the following:

– Determining the correct migration path
– Providing an estimate for completion, including: Resources, Level of effort, and Hardware
– Determining the best approach to mitigating end user impact
– Analyzing existing content to determine upgrade compatibility, including: Server Customizations, and Workflows

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